At 37 years old needed a BIG change in life, drawing was the way to go.

You are most welcome to join this journey. Thank you for stopping by!

If you need a longer intro: I believe I always loved art as every person on Earth. My special relation to it began with my grandfather that liked ink drawing and oil painting. After a while, coping Little Mermaid’s instead of studying for my finals (nope, younger ones, I did not fail any test because of that. I was well prepared), then creating RPG characters, then my own fantasy setting, then sumi-ê, then manga, then photoshop.

Well, that’s where I am now. I started to take drawing seriously only during July 2016 thanks to a lot of people (most from Schoolism).

Before that I was a researcher in the field of psychological evaluation of mental health. You know the inkblot test? That’s the one! I still think it is very interesting but trying to see it in the psychotic perspective was a bit more then what my emotions could handle. Therefore, I chose to change professions for something else that I loved.

What else? I do not have any formal background, but I am stubborn enough to keep on learning from various sources, mainly from Quanta (Brazil), Melies (Brazil/online), Schoolism (Canada/online), Syn Studio (Canada).

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