Swan Lake


After I came to Montreal, I found out I really love shows. Of course it started with Cirque du Soleil, then Nutcracker, and after that I go every two months to a cultural event of the sort.

The last one was a ballet, Swan Lake. As I watched it in awe I remembered the black paper sketchbook in my purse. The movement of the ballerina that looked so much as wings were so delicate and perfect that I had to make a keepsake.

That’s how this drawing came to be, during two intermissions, sitting at the red sofas at Place des Arts.

I know I do love art when I think about those moments and its even hard to breath as if it were too much emotion for one physical existence to take. It always feels as it goes so much beyond that… and I am an agnostic/atheist, so imagine how much!   kkk

So I wish I was able to convey a little bit of all that to you, this awesome experience that it was.

Be well, so that you can enjoy life your own way for as long as possible.

Hugs and kisses

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